Word Search Party


Word Search Party is not only a polished and fun word puzzle game for iPhone and iPad. It's also the first ever competitive multi-player word search game! Challenge your friends locally using Bluetooth, find online opponents using Game Center, or try and tackle one of a growing database of puzzles yourself. The choice is yours.

It isn't just fun, Word Search Party can be a useful study aid as well. The game play lends itself to being an excellent way of improving your vocabulary in any one of a number of languages, or a good way to memorize information for other subjects.

One of the keys to Word Search Party's success is the puzzle library, a database of 8,000+ puzzles and growing. Word Search Party makes a new letter grid every time you play, so the same puzzle never gets boring. On top of this, users get to rate the puzzle they have just played, so you can see what others think before you play!

The puzzle library grows by the addition of puzzles from both users and the Lightwood Games team alike. Using the puzzle generator you can create a puzzle to suit your needs, or to show your superior knowledge on your favourite TV show.


  • Good looking, easy to use game play.
  • Unlimited games from each puzzle - it's different every time you play
  • iOS Multi-player via Bluetooth or Games Center
  • Great study tool, use word searches as revision aid
  • Upgrade to full access of the Puzzle library with 8,000 puzzle and growing all the time
  • Upgrade to puzzle creator with spell checking included

  • plus lots more....

    iOS Screenshots

    Word Search Party - 2 to 4 Players with Game Center Word Search Party - 2 Players with Bluetooth Word Search Party - Large word list library, growing daily!

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