Signups for this year’s card are now closed. Thanks for taking part!

We’ve made another puzzle-filled Christmas Card treasure hunt type thing, and you can sign up for your free copy now!

We’ll mail it to you anywhere in the world for free (while stocks last, of course, but we’re printing plenty!)

The card features a number of connected puzzles to solve, including some based on word games from our “by POWGI” series, and picture logic puzzles like Pic-a-Pix. There are no specific instructions, but you’ll know when you’ve solved it!

Have a look at past solutions to see what you’re letting yourself in for!

Important – You will NOT automatically receive a card because you were on the list last year. You must register again and confirm your address!

We will start sending cards out in December. Signing up early guarantees your copy and helps us work out how many to get printed!

Please only request one per household. Team efforts are encouraged!