Word Party™

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Word Party for Wii U™ is a word puzzle mini-game extravaganza for up to five players!

Think and act fast in 28 mini-games, featuring bees, robots, fish, spaceships and more! Enjoy brand new word games as well as unique multiplayer versions of classics like word search, anagrams and crosswords.

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Release date: November 12th, 2015.

Launch trailer

A 60 second introduction to Word Party.

EGX 2015 Preview #1

A playthrough of seven games using the demo of the game that will be displayed at EGX 2015.

Word Ladder

Our take on the classic word ladder puzzle. Change one letter at a time to make a new word, but each letter can only be used once!

One Word

A word search puzzle with only one word to find!

Two Letter Words

Test your knowledge of two letter words, from "AX" to "XI" in a musical chairs style format.


A word ladder style game with a unique scoring system.

Missing Letters

Solve crosswords where only one letter is missing.

Go Fish

Catch the fish which make words when you add the letters "SH" to them.

Shooting Gallery

An anagram game where all the players are competing for the same letters!

Little Word Search

It's only an 8x8 grid. How many words can you find in 30 seconds?

Say "R"

When the teeth open, make words by adding the letter "R" in front of their letters.

Fridge Magnets

Make words by rearranging the alphabet magnets on the refrigerator.

Give Ps a Chance

All you have to do is select each letter "P" in the sentence, but you can't go back if you miss one!

Word Wheel

The classic anagram puzzle, with up to 5 simultaneous players!

Spelling Bee

Only catch bees which make a word when you add the letter "B" to the beginning.