WINMAU LIVE - PLAY THE WORLD, available now for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad! Please Note: This app is designed to be used with a real dartboard and a set of darts.

Winmau Live! is designed to give you a real-time darts experience wherever there is a dart board and wifi/3G connection.

This App is designed to be used with an actual dartboard and set of darts, as you enter real darts matches by inviting your friends or finding a random opponent to play against using Game Center.

Once in the darts match you can play up to 5 sets of 3 legs each. You can also pause the game (to grab a beer!) by sending your opponent a message though the app.

The sliding bar system offers a level from relative beginner to TV dart Pro standard which you control.

Once you enter your score by touching the on-screen dartboard your 'throw' will be emulated on your opponents screen!

Designed with stunning graphics this App is a must for any keen dart player around the world.

So download the app and see who wants to play!...


  • The ability to play live matches in real-time
  • Invite your friends for a game
  • Easy scoring system
  • Optional Tie-break mode
  • Records your three-dart average
  • Pub-style retro graphics and easy-to-use interface

  • plus lots more....

    Click here to download WINMAU Live from the App Store