The points and puns card game arrives on iOS! Play Sopio anywhere, even if you don’t have any friends!

Get to 1000 points to win before your opponents!

Play cards on yourself! Play cards on them! Play cards on no-one and just enjoy the pictures!

Enjoy a game of Sopio against real computer opponents, featuring cards from Sopio Deck 1:

  • Protect yourself with a Snazzy Helmet!
  • Survive an encounter with a Joyless Bear!
  • Turn another player into a Wombat!
  • See the future in your Crystal Bowling Ball!
  • Watch out for the Evil Spider!

Unlock two booster packs and 18 unique opponents with your skill. Or your money. Or just dumb luck.

Share your victories with digital friends via Facebook and Twitter!

Play with your real life friends by closing the app and buying a deck of cards: