Pattrick - Super Search for Ravelry


Looking for your next knitting or crochet project? Just ask Pattrick! It's the best way to search Ravelry for patterns on iPhone and iPad.

Pattrick combines a flexible and powerful free-text super search that gets you right to what you're looking for, with a mobile-optimised power search that gives you access to all the filters you need to get really specific.

Whether you're looking to make a treat for yourself, a great gift for your niece, or trying to justify buying that gorgeous skein of yarn... Pattrick will find the perfect pattern!

Ask Pattrick by typing freely, like:

  • "Drawstring bag using chunky yarn"
  • "Ankle socks for 7 year old girl"
  • "400m of double knit cotton"

You can even use iOS dictation to speak naturally and ask:

  • "I want to make an aran v-neck sweater for my son"
  • "Show me some owl teapot cozies"
  • "What can I make with 200m of chunky yarn?"

Refine any search using the full power of Ravelry's filters, with an easy-to-use interface designed exclusively for iOS.

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Pattrick Pattrick Pattrick Pattrick Pattrick

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