Head Hunter Challenge


Help Agent Dan McFox catch his suspects! This fast action game challenges you to pick out the right faces from a crowd in three different game modes! Play alone, challenge a Facebook friend or gather everyone together to fight it out with our unique multi-screen mode.

Challenge Mode

Challenge a friend and play head-to-head to see who can catch their suspects quickest. Take turns in your own time against as many friends as you like.

Invite your Facebook friends or jump right in against the next available opponent.

Solo Mode

It's just you against the clock! Sixty seconds to find as many suspects as you can!

Earn Game Center achievements and see how you rank in the daily worldwide leaderboards.

Multi-screen mode (iOS only)

Grab as many friends or relatives as you can find and put all your iPhones, iPod touches and iPads together to make one huge playing surface.

Split into two teams and see who can find all of their suspects first. One team has to hunt down men, the other is looking for women.

Multi-screen gameplay is a real-world social experience, which often involves intertwining limbs and digits with nearby opponents as you battle to reach the far corners!

About the Challenge

Head Hunter Challenge for iOS was developed by Lightwood Games in just 5 days. The challenge was to make a fully working game within this self-imposed time constraint. The demo video below shows the functionally complete game at the end of day 5.

The game was submitted for review a few days later, after performing thorough QA testing and polishing the user interface.

To see the daily updates for this challenge, please visit the Lightwood Games Blog.

Demo Video

iOS Screenshots

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