About Lightwood Games

Company Overview

Lightwood Games is a trading name of Lightwood Consultancy Ltd, a small company based in Perton, Staffordshire.

The company is a specialist developer of puzzles games and began developing games for iOS in 2010. The first app released by Lightwood Games - Word Search Party - was launched later that year. It has now been downloaded nearly two million times.

More recently, the company has focused on producing word games and logic puzzles for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, and is now delighted to be able to bring their titles to Nintendo Switch in 2018.

Lightwood has partnered with Conceptis Ltd, the world’s leading supplier of logic puzzles, to provide puzzle content for a number of titles, including Sudoku, Pic-a-Pix and Fill-a-Pix games for Nintendo 3DS. A Link-a-Pix game is in development.

Through partnerships with publishers Rainy Frog and Starsign, several games have been localized and publised in Japanese.

Lightwood Games is now authorised to publish on all major console platforms and has titles in the pipeline for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Chris Newman
Chris is the founder and managing director of Lightwood. Now an accomplished game developer, he is also a database expert and has written books about MySQL and SQLite. For many years, he built online gambling software and has a reputation for making systems that are as robust as they come.

He is responsible for the server backends that drive Lightwood's games and frequently he can be found extracting a wide range of often useless statistics from the games' databases, which may or may not help to improve the games he makes.

Chris loves playing music games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band and is a virtuoso with several different plastic instruments.

Katherine Gordon
Katherine joined Lightwood with a rich portfolio of mobile game development, having previously worked on licensed titles for the likes of Sony Entertainment and PopCap.

She writes code at lightning speed, and would be so much faster if it wasn't for that pesky compiler. Often you'll find her knitting while waiting for the technology to catch up.

Katherine loves puzzle games and has a lasting fondness for point-and-click adventures, like Zork Nemesis and Monkey Island. She also enjoys recapturing the spirit of her childhood through the Lego video games.

A Husband and Wife Team

Lightwood Games is an independent game developer, owned and operated by a husband-and-wife team. Katherine and Chris finally tied the knot in Las Vegas on October 5th, 2013!

Mike Hanson
Mike is a multi-talented creative genius with a wealth of gaming experience. He's worked with licensed properties including - and as diverse as - Powerpuff Girls, Project Gotham Racing and Lemmings.

Since joining Lightwood Games in 2013, Mike has been making sure things look and sound great.

We're waiting for Mike to write the rest of this paragraph.